Giordano Arman

Giordano Arman

Full stack web development freelancer

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My main focuses

Performance & clarity

Performance, user and developer experience are my main focuses in order to provide easily understandable and fast code that you can trust.


I write code that is easily testable. I privilege data immutability when it is affordable, enforce high modularity in the codebases and purity in functions.


I can enforce Test Driven Development practices in your projects, which would result in self documenting robust code that you can trust beyond practical tests.


I communicate and share info about my work frequently. I can break down the main traits of a technical problem and translate it to non-technical language.

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Information about my professional experience.

Curriculum Vitae Portfolio Tools Reference by Visioneimpresa

Tools timeline

Timeline displaying the periods in which I have used different tools for work or personal projects, starting from late 2013.

Tap or move the cursor over the lines to get the start date and end date for a period.


DITTA - Giordano Arman

via Strada Vecchia n. 145 CAP 38034

Cembra Lisignago (TN) - Italy


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VAT number: 02395460229

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